Organizing My Life One Room at a Time

I feel so overwhelmed with things after downsizing from a 2,000 sq ft home to a 1,300 sq ft home. I planned to have a yard sale in the spring of 2020, but we all know how that worked out. I finally had enough; this weekend, I decided I had to start. Tackling my bunny/craft/ guest room was first on my list. I began by emptying every container in the room and putting it all on the floor and the bed. Cosette lives in that room, so the incentive to finish it in one day was vital. She would chew up whatever I didn't put away.
These are the before pictures. I kept a few mantras going in my head while working.


I ended up creating four piles. Since I am a Youth Director at a library, I can always use some craft supplies there. The piles for me were as follows. 
  1.  Work 
  2. Donation 
  3. Throw away 
  4.  Keep 
It is always hard to part with memories, but if the items tend to keep your stomach in knots because there are too many of them, it is time to weed some out. I snap pictures of some momentos and others I take comfort in the idea that they will bring joy to someone else. 

After a full day of weeding and cleaning mixed in with some snuggles from Cosette, I accomplished my goal! I won't feel guilty spending the rest of my weekend spinning the fiber I purchased from Woolgatherings. I show that in my post about choosing your spinning style. One more week, and I should be able to offer you the results from that spin. Next weekend I might just go on a hike. I am still getting in shape for a trip to those mountains that are calling me. 

Before anyone comments on the size of the cage. The cage is only for Cosette to eat and use as a littler box. She can come and go from it as often as she likes. The doors are always open.

For anyone interested, I bought the cage called a Wabbitat from They have the best customer service! Everything I have bought from them has arrived quickly. The Wabbitat is easy to clean, and although it would be too small in my opinion to have a rabbit live in full-time. I think it is perfect for what I use it for and that is to keep her food and litter all in one area. She also has a place to go and feel safe if she feels the need to. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a post just on the cage. Have a good week. Happy organizing!


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