Choose Your Spin Style pt 2


Happy Sunday! I have finished my first bulk spinning project! I have never allowed myself to buy more than an ounce or two of fiber for fear that I wouldn't be able to duplicate it on subsequent skeins. I thought I would show you one of the things I learned and how I fixed it. Below is a picture of two hank s of yarn. The hank on the left I thought to be over-spun because when I removed it from the Knitty Knotty it was very curly. It turns out that it was underplied. I had not removed enough of the twist during plying. I am self-taught I wasn't sure how to tell so I watched more videos and read some more articles. After looking at it for a while I decided it needed more plying twist. 


The photo above on the right shows what the yarn was doing once I put it back on my wheel spinning it off the Knitty Knotty. As you can see when I dropped down a length of yarn between myself and the wheel it twisted up on itself going to the right. This means there was too much Z twist left in it from the single. 

In the photo above the ply is slightly overspun in the S twist which I used for plying and is spun by turning the wheel counterclockwise. You can see the yarn is twisting back on itself going to the left.

The yarn above is balanced and hangs loosely in a U shape.
Under-plied yarn below on the left.  Balanced yarn on the right.

From one pound of yarn, I was able to spin five skeins of yarn with a total yardage of 1,250 yds. Because I thought I was too good to make a mistake I did not use my notebook that had the swatch sample for me to check the size of my single while I was spinning. This resulted in a skein that was 390 yds and ended up being a fingering weight yarn. It is lovely but it will not give the same result as the other four skeins. I am not upset about it. Three hundred ninety yards is plenty to make something else and I had a great lesson to boot.  Overall I couldn't be happier with this spin and I am excited to begin my next project of a pound and a half of merino and silk in blues also from Woolgatherings. Stay tuned!


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