Spinning From the Fold vs. Spinning From the End


This lovely one-pound ball of fiber is from Woolgatherings  . I am so excited to start! Before I dive in, I want to spin a couple of samples to see which spinning technique will show off the beautiful colors the best. Some of you knitters and crocheters out there will probably roll your eyes and think that is as bad as making a swatch to test the gauge. I know you want to just start. I assure you it is equally as important as finding your gauge! I actually find it fun. I love having little skeins of yarn. They are so cute! Here are the steps I took to begin this yarn.

I began by pulling off a staple length of fiber, which in the case is about seven to eight inches long. This fiber is 75% merino and 25% silk. The silk is what contributes to the long length of this staple. The first style of spinning I used with this combed top is called spinning from the fold. I split it into two sections and then open it out a little more before wrapping the fiber over my index finger; this allows me to spin from the fold. The photo to the left shows a staple length of fiber I pulled apart from the ball of combed top. The photos below show steps 1-4 starting in the top left picture. 

  1. Open out the combed top and separate staple length into two sections.
  2. Lay half of the top over the index finger making sure to hold the ends down with your middle finger and thumb.
  3.  Pull up a very small amount of fiber nearest the tip of your finger. Use this to attach to your leader.
  4. Begin drafting and spinning on to your bobbin. I used a short forward draw method.

The second method I tried was simply drafting from the ends of the top as shown below.

Once I completed my singles I plied them in the same method using a Navajo or Chain ply method for a three ply yarn. Using this method allowed me to keep the colors together from the single that I spun from the fold. The following photos show the two skeins I ended up with. I then knitted them both up to show how they would look in a garment. I kept the yarn that was spun from the fold on the left in all of the pictures.

I chose to spin the rest of the top from the fold. I really like how it kept the brightness of the colors visible. Happy spinning! Feel free to message me with any questions. 


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