New Year's Goal 2021

What do you do when you live in town, and you adore animals and fiber? Invest in the cutest fiber animal around. I purchased my first French angora rabbit just over a year ago. Miss Cosette has brought me and the kids of the library where I work so much joy! I will do a post about how she came to be a library bunny another time, but for now, I want to focus on my current project. The first time I spun her wool, I loved it; however, it has more of a halo than I would prefer. So I went on Etsy and found WoollyDelight and purchased one pound of raw merino wool from them. I washed it up and blended it with equal amounts of angora using my Howard Brush hand carders 190 TPI from The Spinnery. I couldn’t be happier with the results! It is just yummy soft, and the merino helped immensely with controlling the halo. What a wonderfully relaxing day it was to spin by a fire while there was a winter storm brewing outside. This year, my goal is to open my own Etsy shop that will have various items from handspun wool to soap and lip balms that I make at home. I plan to start small and work towards having a small business going by the time I retire. I wish everyone a better year than in 2020. Here’s to looking forward, Cheers!


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