My Experience With Meal Delivery Kits


I have used several different meal kits. Green Chef happens to be my favorite! I do like the others, and I switch periodically because they each have an extra flare. I have always wanted to eat more vegetables. Unfortunately, I only had recipes from what I grew up with and a husband who was a meat and potatoes guy. I spent most of my life learning to cook the things he liked and trying to make healthier versions of them. When I realized that with crohn's disease (every dictionary wants me to capitalize crohn's, I don't want it capitalized in my life, so I choose not to capitalize it in my writing.), meat and fried food wasn't my friend; I tried to integrate vegetarian recipes between meat days. Adding more vegetarian meals helped, but it was daunting to learn something new while raising kids. I couldn't figure out what flavors went together because I had no context to draw from. Meal kits have been life-changing! I am a good cook, and I have a well-stocked kitchen. I needed help with the basics. Green Chef and The Purple Carrot did that for me. The recipes were easy to follow, and they introduced me to flavors I would have never thought to put together. After a few months of using the meal kit service, I can now throw together similar meals by what I have on hand without looking for a recipe.

Some of the things I love about Green Chef are:  

  • I love how the kits come with all the ingredients for a meal in one bag clearly labeled. Individually labeled bags make it easy to put in the fridge and pull out when needed. 
  •  When I come home from work, I like not having to think about what to make. 
  • I love that it only takes me thirty minutes to have dinner on the table! 
  • There hasn't been any missing ingredients or vegetables that have gone bad.

If you have been on the fence thinking of trying a service, I wouldn't hesitate. If nothing else, you will have a few new recipes to put in your arsenal. When I switch services again, I will give a recent review and photos of my prepared meals. Let me know what you think of Green Chef or any other service you have used. 


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