Green Chef Food Kits

I have always loved to cook. Since going back to work full-time, I've struggled with making meals that lived up to my expectations. I try hard not to use ready-made box mixes because I like to know what is in my food. Yummy food doesn't have to be complicated.  I didn't have time to shop or plan the menus, so I decided to give meal kits a go. I love them! They let me do the cooking, and they get me out of the rut of trying to decide what to cook and falling back on the same memorized meals because it's easy. They have also helped me try new things that I wouldn't have tried. Some think that meal kits are expensive. I believe they have saved me money. I don't have a pantry filled with items I've used once or twice. I don't have a fridge full of things I meant to try and didn't get to them before they went bad, or I only needed half of the head of cauliflower. I definitely waste less food. The meals in the photo above are from Green Chef. They were so yummy! I plan to photograph the meals and give you all the reviews. I will start with Green Chef and move on to some other services like Blue Apron and Purple Carrot. These are three of my favorite services.

 I like to change services now and then to get a different flare to my meals. The last thing I will tell you is they have helped me change my eating habits and create a new memorized favorites list. I have learned new ways of cooking beans and vegetables. I have no problem with throwing something together on my own with what I have on hand in the fridge and not reverting to the old habits of what I grew up using. Don't worry; I still go to those old favorites sometimes because they bring me comfort, although I have tweaked them a little to make them healthier. Meal kits have only added to the foods that bring me comfort and joy. Happy Cooking!


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