First Snow

 One of my other passions is hiking. My love of the outdoors began when I was a kid walking with my dad. We had a cabin in Northern Michigan, and we spent all of our weekends and the whole summer there. The winter was magical as we tobogganed at night in the moonlight. I went ice-fishing with my dad, and I will never forget the sound of the groaning ice underneath our feet. I never felt worried or anxious when I was outside, and I remember being able to let my body and mind relax and just be consumed by the beauty of everything around me. I looked closely at every detail of my environment and could find beauty in the smallest detail. I encourage you to get outside, even on a cold day, and take a walk. You don't have to go fast. I actually suggest you go slow and really look at what you are passing. You will be glad you did! 


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