Goodbye to an Old Friend

May I introduce Fawn one of the loveliest animals I have ever had the privilege to care for. She was born on our farm in the spring of 2005 and she passed away on our farm this past fall of 2016. She was one of the first babies born on our farm and because of her spots, my oldest daughter named her Fawn. Unlike deer, her spots remained her entire life. She was sweet and calm. I could take her to any petting zoo or school program to demonstrate milking and she would put up with any kid or adult trying to milk her for the first time. Fawn was a wonderful Momma. I never had to worry that if I wasn't there for any of her births the babies wouldn't be taken care of. If I had a miserable day or was worrying over something that I had no control of I could go out and sit with her and rub her ears or if it was milking season go out and do the milking and would come in with a better attitude. There is something about being shown the beauty and simplicity of nature that helps give me a new perspective on life. For this and so many other reasons that I can't adequately put into words, I say thank you Fawn for your life and love. I hope we gave as much to you.


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