Ball Buddies

These cute little guys I whipped up for a friend who was having a baby. I am not a crocheter so that means they are easy to make. I found an old pamphlet (Crochet Bean Bag Pals & Pillow Bag #842511-By Sue Penrod-The Needlecraft Shop Pamphlet-2000) that I fell in love with! I thought a baby would love squeezing these little guys and throwing them around. I did not use the Poly-Pellets suggested in the pattern, I only used poly fill. I also embroidered on the faces with needlepoint floss instead of using hard plastic noses and eyes which I thought would be safer.  The bunny, I used some velour yarn I had around the house. He is so soft! The beaver started off as Benny Bear from page 3 of the pamphlet but after I made him and showed him to my boss at work she commented that he looked like a beaver and since my oldest daughters mascot at Blackburn College is a beaver he became Barney the beaver! I love him as a beaver. (I used Knit Picks Brava Worsted yarn color Brindle) I just embroidered on teeth and created a tail. He is very squeezable too!


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