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Hike #3

                       I have been struggling lately letting my mind wander back playing old reels that don't serve me well. I am glad that I scheduled this weekend months ago. It is just what I needed to slow down and remind myself that life is good if I stop to look around and appreciate it. On my first day hiking the Forest Glen Preserve I made it to the Group Campsite. It is a short easy hike with only one major uphill trek. There were several other campers that first night. They were all having a good time chatting and laughing. They weren't at all doing anything inappropriate I was just hoping for something a little quieter. I took several pictures of spring flowers on the first day. It always amazes me that something so delicate can make its way through those heavy wet leaves from last season.  On this trip, I used my new * Nemo Hornet 2p tent. I had to figure out how to lighten my pack weight so I bit the bullet and bought this new tent. It lightened my weight by 4 lb

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